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Our Mission

The mission of The Nest is to build a safe, kind and inclusive community for all regardless of neurodiversity.

The Nest positively impacts the lives of neurodiverse young adults with autism, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and related disorders by nurturing their unique skills, strengths, and preferences.

The Nest takes the lead in providing authentic and enriching employment and social opportunities for neurodiverse young adults as well as offers support for their families. Through education and empowerment programming, The Nest increases public awareness and acceptance to ensure that neurodiverse young adults are seen and valued.
Six years ago – it was Jane Moen’s dream to create a safe, inclusive space that would empower neurodiverse young adults and change the fabric of the community. And that’s exactly what The Nest has become – not just a coffee shop, but an inclusion movement that has transformed hundreds of lives.
Now, as Jane prepares to retire as Executive Director of A Little Compassion, we are honoring her commitment to neurodiverse young adults while ensuring that The Nest’s important work continues long into the future. Our vital social gatherings programming along with our important employment opportunities and community outreach efforts need to be here for so many young adults and their families as they work to build a future full of possibilities.
Please join us in building a lasting legacy for Jane.

We hope you come see us at The Nest Coffee House very soon!

The Nest Coffee House, a program of A Little Compassion Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of young adults with disabilities.  At The Nest we understand that finding your place in the world can be tough– especially during the formative young adult years – and it is even tougher for a young adult with autism, an intellectual or developmental disability, or who is neurodiverse. ALC has set out to make that journey smoother by creating employment and social opportunities for these young adults in our midst who need an opportunity to shine.

Shop Hours

Tues – Sun: 7AM – 4PM
Monday: Closed


Our Menu

Join us for specialty coffee and tea, baked goods, quiche, breakfast sandwiches, salads, hearty sandwiches, soups and more.

Brewing Inclusion, One Cup at a Time The Nest


Year End Appeal

January 02nd, 2024

Water Lantern Celebration

Lighting the Way for People of All Abilities

Offering Experience & Confidence

The Nest is a place where young adults with disabilities gain work experience and confidence in a setting that is grounded in acceptance and support.  It is also a place where our community gathers to see for themselves that young adults with disabilities are valuable and productive members of our community.  We currently have already helped over 58 young adults with disabilities begin their work journey at The Nest!

Discover Our Possibilities Boutique

We are so proud of our “Possibilities Boutique at The Nest”! It’s a unique gem of a place located within our coffee house in downtown Deep River. At the “Possibilities Boutique at The Nest” you will find the perfect one-of-a-kind item or gift that has the power to change lives.

Social Gatherings @ The Nest

Our social  gatherings aim to create a sensory-friendly environment where young adults are supported, lifted and embraced for who they are and how they interact with the community.

We feel confident that the combination of our unique topic offerings and our focus on creating a sensory-friendly, alcohol-free and open/affirming space creates an environment where young adults can thrive.  We currently offer Trivia Night, Board Game Night, Anime Night, Art Nights and more.  Join us! Learn more and see our offerings by…

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