I Am Infinite!

Celebrate Autism Acceptance & Neurodiversity

I Am Infinite Campaign!


April is Autism Acceptance Month!  At a Little Compassion Inc (ALC) we are taking it one step further and celebrating neurodiversity. We are proud to be a part of the Neurodiversity Movement that views individuals with autism and other cognitive or neurological impairments in a similar fashion – simply as people with normal human differences in how they see and interact with the world. In other words, we are celebrating uniqueness and possibility.

 ALC hears the voices of neurodiverse individuals and wishes to elevate them with our “I am Infinite” campaign.  We encourage everyone to help break the stigma that so many neurodiverse individuals face every day.  Together we can refute the idea that autism is synonymous with tragedy and lost potential.  Rather, neurodiverse individuals are brimming with possibilities and possess limitless potential… They are infinite.

 Celebrate neurodiversity, and a multitude of infinite possibilities.  Join us!!

How to participate in the I am Infinite Campaign


Autism Acceptance month will be infinitely better if we all get involved and share!  It’s easy to do

  1. Download the Autism Acceptance Infinity pdf below and print it out.
  2. Finish the sentence “I am infinitely_________”
  3. Write down your word or words on the paper. It can be about you or someone you love
  4. Now take a picture of yourself holding the paper (we would love to see your smiling faces) or if you are camera shy, just the paper and post to your Facebook or Instagram page (or both!)
  5. Don’t forget to include the hashtags: #iaminfinite,  #infiniteacceptance, #neurodiversity, #thenestcoffeehouse


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