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Winter Employee Recognition Award

The Nest Coffee House is proud to announce that Marina and Brandon pictured above received our Nest Winter Employee Recognition Awards!  Brandon started his employment journey with us as a Work Experience Intern for one month last summer through our local school system.  He returned this fall and quickly became an efficient and valued part of our team. By October we said goodbye to his job coach and hired him as a Barista and Counter Server.  Here we are several months later wondering what we would do without his hard work ethic, sense of humor, dedication and frankly his ability to lift heavy things!  Way to go Brandon!

Marina joined our team last August as a Lead on our Nest Team.  Our leads have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.  Not only do they open and close the shop, bake, prep and run the counter – they also provide the hands-on support to all our baristas to ensure they have the right tools and coaching and emotional support to do their jobs well.  Marina takes her job very seriously yet always has a smile and a positive word for everyone.  She knows exactly how to lift someone up when they need it most, provide a helping had to a struggling learner and jump in to be sure our customers and staff have a soft place to land at The Nest.  Marina is a treasure.